2013 IConWiST and 2013 APNN in Taiwan

2013 International Conference on Women in Science and Technology and
2013 Asia and Pacific Nation Network (APNN) Meeting

14th – 17th September 2013
Howard Civil Service International House, Taipei, Taiwan

The 2013 APNN is co-organized by the Association of Korean Woman Scientists and Engineers (KWSE) and Society of Taiwan Women in science and Technology (TWiST). This Meeting will be held as part of the IConWiST 2013 which is supported the Project of Mainstreaming Gender in Science and Technology by the National Science Council of ROC, Taiwan.

To facilitate discussions about issues related to these aims, the themes of the 2013 IConWiST are described as follows:
Gender policies for the promotion of women in STEM.
Effective practices for recruitment, mentoring, and retention of women in STEM.
Gendered innovations in STEM.
Strategies in work-life balance.
Women, entrepreneurship and leadership.

As the host of the conference, the Project Office of Gender Mainstreaming in Science and Technology, Taiwan, we are honoured to receive many positive responses to our conference invitations from prominent scholars and experts around the world, whose researches and efforts have long been devoted to the issue of gender and science. It is also our great honour to host the third Asia and Pacific Nation Network Meeting, which is affiliated with International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES). The participation of more than ten Asian women scientists from different countries will surely enrich the discussions and information exchange.

All participants are most welcome to come to Taiwan and join us for the 2013 International Conference on Women on Science and Technology.

For more Information, visit the conference
website at www.2013iconwist.com.tw
2013 IConWiST and APNN pamphlet-set