Why join INWES?

INWES aims to be a network of networks: members collaborate to support the mission and goals of INWES and to support other women in STEM groups.

Who can join?

There are three categories of INWES members: Networks, Institutions and Individuals. Networks are usually women in STEM associations or not-for-profits with aims to increase the participation of women in STEM. Institutions include universities wishing to support INWES aims. Individual members are people who do not yet belong to an INWES member, or who wish to start an association that may one day join INWES, or others who wish to support INWES’ work.

There is an fourth special category: Honorary members are individuals who have given long and distinguished service to INWES and its objectives who are chosen by the Board of directors.

Individuals and organizations join here: Applying for Membership of INWES.

For membership fees, please check here: Membership fees, Payments and Donations.

For a list of current INWES Organizational Members, please see the Resources webpage, under the Organizational Members tab.

Can businesses and corporates join INWES? No, not directly, but there are two ways in which commercial businesses can support INWES:

  • Companies may wish to support a group of employees to create a network, and this group can join INWES.
  • We also ask companies to support their local INWES members, the INWES Regional Networks or by donations and sponsorship of INWES and INWES activities. More information can be found here.

What are the benefits or features of membership?

The most important benefit for all members is to be part of a network of networks, supporting and sharing knowledge with women in STEM across the world.

Membership of INWES will provide all members with:

  • Membership rates for INWES activities
  • Access to INWES websites and online resources
  • All general INWES mailings and the INWES e-newsletter
  • Opportunities to participate in regional and international INWES activities, including the triennial International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists, ICWES
  • Encouragement to take part in the activities of the appropriate INWES Regional Network
  • Opportunities to network with INWES members, take part in volunteer activities and, where appropriate, join in INWES programmes including being part of INWES delegations to United Nations events, collaborating with projects related to education & research and enterprise & business, etc.
  • Invitation to take part in INWES Annual General Meetings,
  • Nomination rights and to be selected as a Board Director (not for Honorary members),
  • Voting rights: each INWES member has one vote.

For Networks and Institutions:

In addition, organizational members have the following opportunities:

  • Links to your website and, upon request, links to your reports from the Resources webpage
  • Listings in public INWES Reports including the INWES Triennial Report
  • Opportunity to provide further key contacts, i.e. individuals belonging to the organizational members, to support wider knowledge share and dissemination of activities by and for our members.
  • Use of INWES logo: organisational members are permitted to use the INWES logo to accompany a link to the INWES website from your website. For all other uses of the logo, members must request permission of INWES.

Any questions?

For questions about membership or about how to support the INWES mission, please contact

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