Membership fees, Payments and Donations

Paying your Membership Fee

Urgent Notice: Please do NOT transfer any funds to the former Scotiabank accounts. The account has been subject to fraud and has been closed.
  • Payments can be done for Annual Membership or for Triennial (3 years) Membership.
  • Members will continue to hold full membership on payment of membership dues.
  • Membership year: 1st of July – 30th of June next year.
  • Fees are payable in US Dollars (USD) by wire transfer, Paypal, US ACH transfer; Euro by wire transfer; and Canadian Dollars (CDN) by wire transfer.
  • By developing country, INWES means a country that is included in the list of least developed countries as defined by the United Nations, or in this list.

Fees Structure

  USD Euro CDN
Individual members      
Regular 30 25 40
From a developing country 10 10 15
Student 15 12 20
From a developing country 5 5 10
Network members      
Level 1    up to 50 members 100 85 130
Developing countries 33 30 45
Level 2     50-499 250 220 330
Developing countries 83 75 110
Level 3   500-4999 400 350 520
Developing countries 133 115 175
Level 4  5000 and more 1000 860 1300
Developing countries 333 290 440
Insitutional members      
University/ Institute Members 500 450 650
Developing countries 150 130 200
—- —-    
The following is no longer available as membership.    
But donations and sponsors welcome!  
Corporate membership  2500 2200 3300
Developing countries 833 730 1100

Please transfer membership fees as follows:

Paypal Transfer for Membership & Donations, please apply your currency:

In US Dollars:

  • You will receive a bill with details upon membership updates

In Euro  – to receive from EU *attention, new IBAN*:

  • You will receive a bill with details upon membership updates

In CDN (from Canadia only, only EFT possible):

  • EFT credits (direct deposits):upon invoice

Any problems?

If none of the above payment methods works for you, please contact to discuss alternative arrangements.

Donations to INWES

We welcome donations to support the INWES mission. To make donations towards INWES activities, please use the above payment options. We would be grateful for any such donations to be followed by an email to Any such donations will be acknowledged.

Any problem, question or query?

Please contact with any query regarding payments to INWES.

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