The INWES Board of Directors and Conference Committee supervise and help to coordinate different INWES events in different locations.

As a part of this activity, INWES gives advice on sponsorship and fundraising strategies, and publicise these events through the INWES website and INWES newsletters.

Also INWES supplies supporting material for the Conference Organisers to use in their fundraising activities, as well a list of associations, corporations and individuals who they may wish to approach as delegates.

These tasks are coordinated by INWES Conference Committee together with the Conference Organizers, encouraging the involvement of all INWES members. During ICWES or Regional Conferences INWES Board of Directors Meeting is to be held.

INWES holds The International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists (ICWES), our international flagship event, first held in 1964. ICWES is held every 3 years. INWES Regional Conferences and other regional events, such as APNN Conferences and events held by Regional Networks, are also held, particularly in years when there is no ICWES Conference.

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