Applying for membership of INWES

Before applying for membership of INWES, please review the INWES Mission and background in About INWES.

For features and benefits of INWES membership, please refer back to Membership.

Categories of Membership

The following are eligible for membership of INWES:

  1. Network Members: not-for-profit or charitable, incorporated or unincorporated women in STEM organizations, representing networks of women in STEM or organizations whose core work is to support women in STEM;
  2. Institutional Members: consisting of post-secondary academic institutions, including universities, colleges, engineering schools, research institutes, with similar goals and missions to INWES; and
  3. Individual Members: individuals interested in or engaged in the practice, teaching or other application of science, technology, engineering or mathematics, who are in agreement with the goals and missions of INWES.

Individuals, Networks and Institutions become members by completing and submitting an application form, being approved for membership, and upon paying their membership dues.

After the membership application has been received and confirmed by INWES, members may be requested to provide further details to enable INWES to support members and the mission of INWES.

All members must support the mission of INWES. Applicants agree that their objectives, goals/purpose are consistent with those of INWES.

As a member of INWES you will be supporting women in STEM networks across the world.

For all other features and benefits of INWES membership, please refer back to Membership.

To apply for membership

Click here to open the Application Form in a new browser tab. Please note, it is a short form and if you need to restart the application, you will have to restart the form as data is not saved until the full form is submitted.

This Application Form is for NEW members only. If you believe you are already a member but are not receiving notifications from INWES, please contact to check the status of your membership.

Payment of the membership fee will be requested on approval of the completed Application Form.

Paying for Membership

Payment of Annual Membership dues will allow you to become a member of INWES. Membership runs from 1 July to 30 June each year.

For details of fees and ways to pay please refer to Membership Fees, Donations and Payments.

Legal status of organizational members

Applications for organizational members (i.e. Networks and Institutional) will require information on the incorporation/legal status of the organization if any, such as the registration authority and/or any registration numbers. For example, for INWES, we would write: “The International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists is registered with Canada Corporations as a non-profit with Corporation Number: 415709-5”.

If you do NOT have this information to hand or are not sure if your organization is incorporated, please do NOT stop from applying now: we ask you to forward the information when you can at a later date.

If your organization is not incorporated or legally constituted, please do apply but note you may be contacted by INWES to clarify the status of your organization.

Data Privacy

Please note INWES will never share data of members or applicants with any third party. As part of the application form, you will be asked to agree that INWES stores your data. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.


Before applying to become an INWES member, please note INWES reserves the right to refuse membership or withdraw membership from any member (individual or organizational) as per the INWES By-Laws 3.08 Discipline of Members, and in particular, should information provided in the application form or as part of confirmation of membership be found to be false or misleading.

Any questions or queries?

For questions about membership, please contact

For questions about payments or fees, please contact

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