Programs and Projects

INWES carries out many activities and programs in its function to serve its mission. INWES relies on collaboration to deliver these activities and welcomes expressions of support from individuals as volunteers, organisations as potential partners/collaborators, and from funders as potential sponsors and donors.

For expressions of interest or support, please contact For potential sponsors or funding, please see Sponsorships. A list of our current partners can be found on our Resources page.

Outline of activities

The following lists the types of activities INWES aims to support and the role of INWES for each:

Networking Event and Conferences
  • Provide a solid forum for international events and conferences for women in STEM
  • Oversee triennial International Conferences (ICWES)
  • Co-host Regional Conferences for Professional Development
  • Work with host organization/country on logistics, announcements, and publicity
Regional Networks
  • Establish regional networks to facilitate connections and links across regions sharing similar issues
  • Provide leadership to the regional network and its members
  • Advance the objectives of INWES in the region
  • Support organizations representing women in STEM in the region
  • Grow the activities and membership of INWES in the region
Exchange of Information
  • Collect and disseminate information, including a newsletter
  • Maintain a database of international events
  • Post information about INWES and relevant networked associations
  • Establish links to relevant databases about STEM careers, education, and research
  • Encourage countries and members to collect and analyze data on gender and STEM
  • Reach people in different languages
  • Establish a worldwide web portal for information on women in STEM including links to INWES members
  • Provide an international voice for women in STEM careers
  • Collaborate with UNESCO and UN Women on international campaigns to raise awareness about STEM issues
  • Ensure appropriate representation of women on international policy, decision-making fora, and panels
  • Document and publicize the contributions of women in STEM worldwide
Special Programs/Projects
  • Increase awareness, access to education, and career opportunities for girls and women
  • Support the development of educational tools, training of teachers, and mentoring of women in STEM and of groups/organizations
  • Share good practices among members by providing resources for professional development, and distribution of materials from partners
  • Identify opportunities to collaborate with organizations and corporations in providing programs, projects, and events

Current Special Programs and Projects

As of May 2022, INWES special programs and projects include:

Past Activities

To Dec 2021 – INWES-KWSE Gender barrier perceptions in Science and Engineering 2021 pilot project. See final webinar on INWES Global YouTube.

Nov 2021 -Participating in UN events, such as the UNFCCC conferences and COP26 in 2021.

To 2020 – Led by Mothers in Science, the 2019-2020 survey of Parenthood and career progression in STEMM. (A link to the final report will be added here and to the INWES Resources page.)

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