About nominations to new INWES board member

Dear INWES Members,

INWES is asking for nominations to the Board to be elected or nominated at ICWES16 in October.

Some requirements of a Board Member are as follows.

·You should be a member of INWES.
· Membership of the Board is fulfilling and satisfying, but it will involve time and effort
·You would be expected to chair one of the INWES Committees, and also serve on other committees.
·You would be expected to devise some ideas and projects where you would take the initiative and which you would report back on to every Executive.
·The Board normally meets face to face once a year at an INWES Regional Conference, or a meeting set up for the occasion. Where possible, expenses are paid for these meetings, but this will depend on current factors.
· INWES only has its members to rely on at the moment, we have no permanent staff, and that means the Board have to take the initiative.

If you are interested in being nominated for the Board, or you know someone you think would be suitable, please fill in the attached form and send it, with any additional information deemed relevant, to the Secretary General of INWES. If you would like to be a Board member, but don’t have anyone to nominate you, send your information on the form to the Nominating Committee, who can nominate people themselves. Please do not forget to send in your forms before 26th, September, 2014 to inwes.secretary@gmail.com.

INWES-Nomination Form-Final(20140827)