“World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development”, March 4th

Dear INWES members,

We received great news from Dr. Marlene Kanga, current president of World Federation of Engineering Organisations WFEO (www.wfeo.org), UNESCO has approved the WFEO proposal to declare 4th March as “World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development” at the General Conference in November 2019.

This is the first and only international day that celebrates engineering. The first World Engineering Day will be celebrated on 4th March 2020. This is a day for all engineering organizations, and therefore we invite you to promote World Engineering Day and organize celebrations on 4th March.

Information on World Engineering Day is attached and further information can be found at http://www.worldengineeringday.net

This includes:

a. Information on the UNESCO decision, here
b. Graphics resources include the World Engineering Day logo in 6
languages, a banner design etc. available here
c. Information on organizing events and with a request to register
these please do it here

Also it is on going a global survey, in collaboration with DiscoverE USA, on
the future of engineering. We would appreciate information on the survey
being sent by our members:

  • Here is the link to the survey.
  • Click here for customizable #GlobalEngineerSurvey language and images you can use to share the survey in your newsletters, blog posts and via social media.

The closing date is 16th January 2020. The results will be published on 4th
March 2020 as part of the celebrations. It will be great to have had a big