Announcement about INWES AGM16 on 21 November 2020 and Elections to Board of Directors 2021-2023

The 16th Annual General Meeting of INWES members will be held online via Zoom on 21 November 2020. Elections of the new Board of Directors 2021-2023 will be held online in advance of the AGM. Please click here to view the confirmed list of nominees for the Board of Directors 2021-2023.

INWES President Gail Mattson has emailed the official announcement today 31 October to all INWES Organizational Member official representatives and INWES Individual Members with the following message below. IMPORTANT: If you think you should have received this email and have not, please contact urgently.

If you wish to attend AGM16 as an observer, please also contact and request to be added to the observer list to receive a Zoom registration invite.

Message from Gail Mattson, INWES

Dear INWES Member – I hope that this email finds you and your family well in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions and many challenges.

This email officially announces that the INWES Annual General Meeting 16 will be held on Saturday, November 21, 2020 from 12:00 [noon] to 3:00 UTC via Zoom.  You will be receiving an invitation with a Zoom link to register for this meeting along with a reminder a few days before the meeting.  Attached is the Draft AGM16 Agenda for your information and review.

Observers from your organization are welcomed to join. Please forward to colleagues who wish to join as observers the email invitation with the Zoom link to register.

Instead of providing a number of attachments to this email, all of the documents referenced in the AGM16 Agenda have been uploaded to the INWES Cloud which you can access via this link .

If you would like to have a readily available copy, you can download these documents onto your computer and/or print them out.

Election of the new Board of Directors will be handled online prior to AGM16 using a voting platform called LimeSurvey. You will receive a separate email from the Treasurer via LimeSurvey that provides instructions. This email link will be unique  for each INWES member that will allow you access to the ballot for voting. Voting will be conducted between November 5 and 18, 2020. Then the Elections Committee will review the electronic data and provide the official results to the Secretary General for her to announce during AGM16.

If you are unable to participate in person at AGM16 on November 21, then you can also vote on the Motions on the Agenda using LimeSurvey. This acts as a separate Voting Document, as outlined in the INWES By-law. This way you do not need a paper voting document that you would have to print out, complete, sign and send back to the Secretary General prior to the AGM16. After you have completed the Election section in LimeSurvey, you will see a page that explains the process if you need to continue to the second section to vote on the Motions.

I hope that you will be able to participate in AGM16 so you can hear the various presentations by the officers, ask questions and vote on the Motions during the meeting via Zoom.

All of the Board members are so-o disappointed that we could not meet in person for AGM16 during ICWES18. Discussing INWES business in person, sharing stories about what we have accomplished this past year and brainstorming about what we should do in the future to address all of the issues related to Women in STEM would have much more effective, fun and rewarding!!!  However, we have had to adjust and conduct our business online like so many other organizations have had to this past 9 months.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the AGM16 Agenda, any of the documents, the Election and Voting process using LimeSurvey, or any of the Motions.  Looking forward to your participation in AGM16 on November 21.  

Stay Safe – Gail

Gail G. Mattson, PE. CHMM. PMP

INWES, President 2018-2020

“To build a better future worldwide through full and effective participation of women and girls in all aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.”