The winners of the Falling Walls Lab Mongolia’2022 Open Forum have been awarded

The Falling Walls Lab Mongolia’2022 forum, which introduces the innovations and research works of young scientists, doctors, researchers, specialists and innovators to international scientists, was successfully organized on May 26th, 2022 in a hybrid form and the winners were announced.

Within 3 minutes, the eight finalists of the open forum presented their research papers in English in the fields of Health, Agriculture, Engineering and Technology, Environment, as well as Economics and Business. All of the research works were focused on the not only facilitated human labor but also human-environment-friendly, eco-friendly, and sustainable development policies.

For instance, Ts. Nomin, a researcher at the Nano Science and Nanotechnology Center of the National University of Mongolia, won the first place at the Falling Walls Lab Mongolia’2022 Forum for her research “Sustainable Biomaterials from Waste” and qualified for the global finale in Berlin on 7 November and wins a ticket to attend the Falling Walls Science Summit, where she gets to interact and compete with more than 100 international national winners.

Moreover, lecturers of the German-Mongolian institute for Resources and Technology, Dr. T.Narangarav took second place for her presentation on “Innovation in Waste Management” and Ph.D candidate S.Enkhjargal took third place for her research on “Watering a Billion Trees”.

During the forum, T.Gereltuya, CEO and accountant of Bright Point LLC, identified a “Not human-friendly city” and put forward her own initiative on how to make it a people-friendly city. Leading experts and professors from Mongolia, Germany, the United Kingdom and Kenya were invited to the jury.

At the honored stage of Falling Walls Lab Mongolia 2022, H.E. Jörn Rosenberg, Ambassador of Germany to Mongolia opened the forum officially and stated that: The mission of Falling Walls – taking inspiration from the Fall of the Berlin Wall – is to connect science, business and society to facilitate exchange and creative ideas across disciplines to tackle the most pressing challenges of our time. Originating in Germany, it is a joint endeavor of researchers, entrepreneurs, decision-makers, artists, thinkers, and movers worldwide to find the next breakthroughs for our societies. Nobody can solve these big issues alone. We are therefore delighted about the great dedication and commitment of the Falling Walls partners and participants. We would like to thank all the organizers and partners for their commitment in making it a life event again after two years of corona-forced online meetings. There were many exciting innovative ideas presented today, and we wish the Mongolian competitors every success at the big stage of the Falling Walls Conference in Berlin!

Co-organizer and DAAD Lector Jan Trostmann emphasizes: I believe that Mongolia has highly talented young professionals and researchers but they often do not have the chance to share their ideas

with the public and the scientific community. The Falling Walls Lab event provides them with the platform to do exactly that. The 1st place winner even gets the opportunity to travel to Germany and compete against and exchange views with the winners from all other participating countries. So, in my opinion, the Falling Walls Lab Mongolia 2022 can give a motivational boost to the scientific community in Mongolia.

Furthermore, Professor Jung Sun Kim, Ph. D. INWES President, 2021-2023 stated that: Congratulations to the organizers and participants of the Falling Walls Lab Mongolia’22. INWES joins the global forward-thinking minds especially in breaking the walls of gender barriers in STEM, so that together we can bring out more innovative ideas and create strong impacts in building a better future worldwide.

The forum will bring together scholars, entrepreneurs and professionals from all walks of life to support their research work, business models, advanced technologies. It allows juries and other professionals to present their innovative engagements and ideas within 3 minutes. The aim of the Falling Walls Lab is to provide a diverse and interdisciplinary pool of students, researchers, and early-career professionals with a world-class platform that helps them drive their innovations and develop their communication skills, and connects them with each other, creating a global network and impactful and sustainable community of innovators and changemakers.

Falling Walls Lab Mongolia is hosted by the German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology (GMIT) and organized by the Arts & Media Project Management & Consulting NGO (AMPMC) in cooperation with the Cultural Envoy of Mongolia and GMIT, co-organized by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the National University of Mongolia (NUM). It is supported by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany as an official partner, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia, the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, the International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES), and the Falling Walls Foundation.

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