The GISE project on gender barrier perceptions: The Pilot Survey – Outputs and Next Steps

During 2021, INWES member organisation KWSE (Korea Women Scientists and Engineers) funded a collaborative project with INWES to run a pilot international survey on the perceptions of gender barriers in STEM. The survey ran from May to September 2021 and reached over 10 countries across the world.

A webinar on the project will be presented on
Friday 17th December, 11:00AM-12:30PM (UTC/GMT).

For more details on the background to this work, see the Programs&Projects page KWSE-INWES GISE Project.

This will be an online Zoom event and is open to anyone who is interested in issues of gender data in STEM. To express an interest in attending and in case of any queries, please email

The agenda will include an overview of the pilot project which includes an international survey of perceptions of gender barriers. Progress and outputs will be presented, with preliminary interpretations of the results.

Invited speaker Yetunde Holloway, chair of the Women In Engineering (WIE) committee of the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO) to talk about the work of the WIE on gender data in engineering.

The webinar will close with a discussion on next steps and future plans by the chair of the event, Professor Jung Sun Kim, INWES President.

We welcome all interested parties to join INWES and KWSE future collaborations on understanding the data gaps and issues of gender in STEM.

Sarah Peers, Project Manager for GISE project.

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