Obituary of Mrs Marthe Achy Brou

Mrs Marthe Achy Brou passed away on November 10 2011.

Mrs Achy Brou was honorary member of INWES and was president of ICWES8, in Abidjan, in 1987.

She was also involved in the setting up of the INWES African Regional Network.

She was also convener of ICC after ICWES8 and honorary president of CIFISATS.

She graduated from the École Polytechnique Féminine (EPF) de Sceaux, in France. She had a brilliant professional and political career as congress woman, Deputy Chairwoman of Congress of Ivory Coast, former Mayor of Grand-Bassam (1985-1990), the historical Capital city of Ivory Coast, Deputy Chairwoman of the Economical Council of Ivory Coast and Minister of Social Affairs and Solidarity.

She was a mother to four children, three boys and a girl.

The INWES president, on behalf of all INWES members, wishes to offer her sincere condolences to the family.