Inclusion in the time of COVID-19 – International webinar

The UNESCO webinar aims to exchange experiences and expertise on the measures to address the COVID-19 crisis at the global and local levels. The focus will be on the social dimensions of “leaving no one behind” and on actions taken to fight against the growing incidents of racism and discrimination.

The webinar is targeting national/local policymakers and stakeholders, international and regional organizations, academics, students and NGOs. Speakers will include global experts and city authorities from UNESCO’s International Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities – ICCAR. The presentations will consist of actions of solidarity and assistance to vulnerable populations conducted by the cities, and items for discussion on how ICCAR and other city networks and actors could act as a crucial platform during this difficult time.


  • Erias Lukwago,Mayor of Kampala City, Uganda (lead city of the Coalition of African Cities against Racism and Discrimination)
  • Aida Guillén Lanzarote,Director of Barcelona City’s Service for Citizenship Rights and Diversity
  • Benedetto Zacchiroli,President of the European Coalition of Cities against Racism


Language of event: English