Congratulations to Undram Chinbat to be a Member of Parliament of Mongolia

Dear All,

On June 24, 2020, Mongolian Parliamentary elections were held and Undram Chinbat, Board Member of both INWES and WSTEM in Mongolian, was elected. It is a historic day for our organizations and a step forward for Mongolia. We at Mongolian WSTEM, who has worked for many years with Undram, are proud of her accomplishments for women in STEM fields to date, and what she will accomplish in her new government role.

Congratulations to Undram who was elected as a Member of Parliament from the 13th constituency in Mongolia’s 8th Parliamentary election. We wish her, the very best over the next four years,  as she works for the betterment of Mongolian women, women in STEM, and future generations of women.  ! Undram’s service will serve as a role model for the next generation of Mongolian young women. 

With heartiest congratulations from the WSTEM in Mongolia on Undram’s successful election, we remain.

Highly Respectfully

Chair of WSTEM in Mongolia /
Ariunbolor Purvee, Professor of Energy and Electrical Engineering, Consulting Engineer of Mongolia

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