GISE DP and Confidentiality Statement

Data Protection, Privacy and Confidentiality

The purpose of this section is to help you understand exactly what your participation in this survey entails so that you can make an informed decision about it.

The data collected by this survey is fully anonymous. There will be no collection of names nor of any other data, such as IP addresses or dates of birth, that may lead to your identification. No response to the questionnaire will ever be published in its entirety nor in any detail that may lead to speculation over the identity of any one respondent. The data collected by this survey will only be published in combined forms and for the purpose of research into gender perceptions of STEM and comparisons across regions and groups.

Purpose of the Survey

The purpose of the survey is to compile basic data to inform policy development to reduce gender barriers in STEM and ultimately support better human development across the world. This pilot survey is part of a preliminary study that will eventually lead to development of gender indices related to women in STEM for Asia and for other global regions.

The output from this survey will be a report comparing gender perceptions across countries, by gender, by STEM specialisation, number of years of experience, etc. The intention is to carry out future similar surveys as part of a major longitudinal study.

Ownership and Accountability

This is a collaboration between the Korean Association of Women in Science and Engineering (KWSE) and the International Network of Women in Engineering and Science (INWES). INWES is accountable in Canadian to good practice in data protection and privacy.

The report from the GISE project 2021 survey, and any future reports based on this data, will be freely and openly shared by INWES and KWSE with policy-makers and anyone interested in these issues. The reports will be made available through their websites and/or on request.

Your task

Your participation in this research project consists of completing a questionnaire concerning your perceptions of gender in STEM. It is estimated that the questionnaire may take you from 30 to 40 minutes.

Your collaboration will contribute to the better understanding of the perceived gender barriers for women in STEM, and may lead to the advancement of evidence-based policy development.


The data collected by this study is completely confidential and can in no case lead to your identification. Your privacy will be ensured by the absence of personal identifiers in the forms collected and in the use of online systems that do not collect IP addresses. Data collected will be kept electronically on systems accessible only to a limited number of permitted project members. All such project members will have signed a commitment to keeping this data private and secure, as required by INWES policies on conduct, ethics and confidentiality of information, and in accordance with Canadian regulations and EU GDPR regulations.

All data held will be strictly anonymous. Raw response data may be held for several years to be able to carry out comparisons over time. However, at no point will the data from a single response be published, nor will responses be shared with any third party. All reports shall include only data for clusters of samples.

Voluntary participation

Your participation in this survey is on a voluntary basis. You are entirely free to participate or not, to refuse to answer some questions or withdraw at any time without prejudice and without having to provide explanations. We may use the responses you provide to us even if there are incomplete sections.


For more information or for any questions regarding this research project, you can communicate by email with the Project Manager, Dr Sarah Peers

For more on the KWSE-INWES “Gender perceptions in Science and Engineering” project, please visit

For complaints about the survey or the project, please contact the INWES President, Prof Jung Sun Kim, by email: or by post:
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Your agreement

By submitting responses to the GISE Project questionnaire you indicate you have:
• read this information
• agreed to participate.